Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hand me Down Dresser Reborn

A friend of mind had been given a small 3 drawer dresser in the 70s by his Mother. It was a set of three pieces of furniture , 2 night stands and the small 3 drawer dresser. His mother had given it a antique green look as that was the in thing to do then. I had refinished the 2night stands for his new bedroom remodel we had finished up a month ago and the dresser was in the apartment he rents out where he was using it to put the flat screen TV on. The dark antique green color really dated the era and did really fir with the apartment furniture.
Larry want to use it but just didn't like to old green and I agree. So he said to paint it brown or something better to match the decor.
I thought I would just TSP it and give it a coat of spray paint with a primer under the new coat of paint.
As I started to prime it I know why his mother antiqued it. The wood under the 3 layers of paint was scratched,dinged, and just would only make the new paint not look so nice. So I sanded out the worst parts on the cabinet and primed it twice then put on 4 coats of spray paint to fill in the heavy scratches and divets left by cigarettes on the edge.
It came out ok but I'm never quit satisfied with any thing I do ....just me I guess. As i was sanding down the drawer fronts I got an Idea to leave the original patina from the layer of paint telling the story of it's transformations over the years and leaving a bit if Larry's mother's handy work .
I think the colors  helped to give the small piece some charactor and a New Life to the dresser.
I hope you like it. There will never be another like it for sure.

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