Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bring Old Things Back to a New Life

Being a builder I always end up with stuff from a remodel because it dates the home or it's broken and needs to be replaced. I'm always looking for stuff I can use in a different way. I like Bringing Old Things Back to New Life and with a new purpose if possible.
Here is an example of one I just finished doing for some Old Door Handles.
A new Bench has been in the works this week. It's to the painting stage and being primed with Gray paint first. I have decided to make this with a distressed finish. I do like the look of distressed as it give an Old look to it if done right. I have done a few of them but never with a primed base first. I'm hoping with the gray primer under everthing that it will give it a light blue hue under it all.
Here are some before pictures.
The after pictures should be here at the end of this coming week if every thing goes well with my regular work.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Water Bed with New Life

I remember sleeping on an old Water Bed with this style of design. Now this Water Bed with New Life is not a part of the landfill. I wonder how many of these are in garages aeround the US. It was the craze in the 1970 but faded out like fads do.
To me its like finding something with old value and seeing what the New Life I can bring to these materials. The cost to go out and buy these materials would be expensive and the time that was put into the router work is just a bonus.
Here are a few pictures of the New Life given to his Old Water bed.