Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bike Tire Rim Repurposing

Wow !!! Christmas has come and gone just like that..
The New Year is just about here and I'm looking forward to New Year of Re-purposing Things.
This year 13 benches were made and found a new home to live in. They were fun to create and each one a different style and color. 
Thanks, to all those who bought one, some bought 2. There are currently other re-purposed Items in the works and will make a appearance this coming Spring.

Recently I Built a Bike Tire Rim Trellis for a customer from some rims she had found at a junk yard. She bought 4 of them for 3.00 ea. Two of them were the same size and the other two were both different sizes, which worked out perfact for this style of Bike Rim Trellis I was going to Create for her. Actually the Trellis was going to be for her husband. Who is Mountain Biker all the way.
Here's picture of the finished Bike Tire Rim Trellis.