Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Baby Crib End Board just became a Chalk Board.

Today I finished a fun project, turning a Baby Crib End Board into a Chalk Board for my hall way.
I always seem to be forgetting something so I thought this might help to remind me.
Here is the Before Pic.
I had a piece of fluted trim from some job I did so it became the holder for the chalk.
Now just need a little shelf and some brackets to support the shelf.
Then a little Chalk Board Paint ... Which should be put on in thin coats. Going different directions. I put 4 coats on it horizontal, vertical and diagonal both ways.
And Finally a way to hang it . So I drilled a couple of holes in the back and used a couple of Pop can tabs for the hangers. works well.
Thanks for checking it out....


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    1. Thanks Hava,
      I appreciate you taking time to check out my blog site, and thanks for the nice comment you left for me. Greg