Sunday, April 12, 2015

Head Board Bench with Drawers

Creating something with a New purpose and usefulness is a kind of theropy for me. It's finding the parts that will go together and work ing a different way that intreage me. This Head Board Bench with Drawers. This will be the first time I built a Head Board Bench that has working drawers under the seat. It brings on a whole different meaning to the words re-purpose with dual function.

This is the before Picture of the Head Board Bench with Drawers. I got the Bed Head Board and foot board Free, finding it on Craig's List one of my place I look to rescue stuff that's going to the landfill.
I had also got a couple of nicely made Pine doors that were hand made from a Garage storage room. I had to modify it some to fit the frame work I had made. The Drawers were to long to fit under the now bench, so I had to cut off 3 inches off the back to make them fit, and make a new back piece.

Next I finished making the drawer guides for the drawers to slide into, making sure they were working well before I could put the re-purposed pine door on for the seat top.
I put a stop inside so the drawers would tip to far when pulling out the drawers This worked good so I was now ready for the seat top.
I needed to close in the ends of the bench so I used some nice Bead Board that I had taken from a home that was being tore down. It was High quality Bead Board that was used for some waines coating in a hallway. Work perfact..
I then capped off the ends of the seat with a piece of pine and started on the Arm Rests.

Finally I finished the Arm Rests and called it a day. Now I just have some hours to sand, fill, caulk, prime and then paint.

I will post a Final picture when the Head Board Bench with drawers is completed and ready to go on the selling block this time and not the chopping block.

Thanks for ready about the re-purposed project.

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