Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The 1890s Head Board bench

Today I delivered the 1890s Head Board Bench to my customers. They were very happy to see it arrive, and so was I.
I learned the Head Board actually was older than I thought. The customer told me that it had been passed down 5 generations and was thought to be at least early 1830s. They knew that it had traveled across the US from the east coast to North Carolina to Missouri in a covered wagon and then to Texas and back to Missouri in another wagon.
The thing that they were so happy about was Her Father was arriving in the morning to stay with them and He was going to be the first to stay in their new guest room with the old head board that was now a bench. That was cool, I didn't know He was coming to visit so the timing of getting the Re-purposed Head Board into a Bench was going to make their visit special, and something they could surprise him with.
I wish all my re-purposed items had that history behind them, the story is can be more cool than the re-purposed item.
Thanks for reading this about the 1830s Head Board Bench that I was privileged to Re purpose.

Greg Hill


  1. What a neat story! I love the rustic look of this piece and hope your customers (and their father) appreciate the work you put into making this piece special.

    Nice job, Greg! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Janine, for checking out the story. I'm not a great story teller but this one was interesting to me. There really is some deep rooted history in the piece.