Monday, April 20, 2015

Mid Evil Hinge look

Today  I couldn't reisit having some fun before I went to do the work thing. It's just good I work for myself so I can do this stuff that I love to do. Be Creative.
I have this exteriro door that just a flat panel door, you know the cheap ones. It's been bugging me for some time now . Not just the color but the look because it is a flat panel door.
I've always liked the Mid Evil Hinge look, but to expensive to have made or buy. So I took a piece of door skin I had left over and drew the style I liked on it. Then cut it out like this.

Then remember this is just a template of my design I like. Then I took a marker and traced the design where I wanted and just took a colored pencil and shaded it in for now. I did this on the inside of the door so I could see how I liked it. So it's what I want as far a desing goes. The Design actually goes on the out side of the door once I figure out what color I'm going to paint the door. I'm sure of the Hinge color BLACK of course Mid Evil look and maybe some rust color in the black. Here's the door on the inside. Thanks for checking it out.
And the final design look...