Sunday, April 26, 2015

Head Board Bench with Drawers is Finished

Today was another one of those will it rain days?
You just never know in Washington State. We seem to be a little bit better off here in the San Juan Islands for the most part. So Today I finished the Head Board Bench with Drawers. It's always a good day when you can finish a new piece of furniture for the most part. There are always those little details that will bug you if you let it. And I do, so I'll get them a little later.

For the last few weeks in my spare time I've working on it. Out of all the Head Board Benches I have made which is about 60 plus and lost count. This is the first one that I made Drawers for it. Bring on even more functionality to it's new re-purposed state.

This was how it looked in the beginning. When I first got it I knew I could stand it being in my storage room to long but I had to finish the Metal Head Board and Metal Chair bench first. With that now out of the and  FOR SALE... of the table it came and up went the Pine Head Board.

Once I have a new piece on the work table it's hard to stop working on it, as I want to get it standing by its self so I can see what potential it is casting off. This is a Big Bench it's 5ft long and 3ft 6" at the back. It solid pine wood everything.

The bench seat was made from one of the closet storage doors that was in a garage being torn down in prep for a new Home to be built. I also took the drawers for the bench from there as well. I had to leave a lot of good material and watch it get crunched up and hauled off to the dump. That was a Bummer to see all this great quality material get trashed. In my 35+ years of building I have watched Hundreds of Thousands of dollars go to the dump and no place to store it.

I want to say one of the things I do is usually mix my own colors I get the paint free from miss match paint that my local lumber yard if it has been used and brought back. If it was never used and the customer didn't like it for some reason and returned it. I pay $5.00 a gal. That's an special little Secrete I'm sharing with you. Ask your paint guy for mis-match paint you can save a lot of $ IF you like the color and or can make it into the color you like as I do.
This coral color is made up of 3 mis-match paints that I mixed until I liked what I saw. My Hope is you like it as well.
Happy Re-purposing and thanks for taking the time to read this Blog about the Coral Sakura Bench.
Well here is the final Pictures of the Bench.. I call it Coral Sukura.
This is the Back where I test out the paint that I have mixed for my mis-match paints. No one see the back usually so it a good place to test. The Tree trunk color was the first try at coral. But to dark. The second try is now the background with I used for the main color.
This was my first time to make something like a picture in my test area, so I left it for fun. I also left a Date when the Head Board was first built. It says 1-75.

I just sanded down the drawers and perminized them. Then painted the drawer pulls the same color as the little gray details.

This is the Finished Piece now ready For Sale....