Sunday, June 14, 2015

50's Round Table leg Re-use.

Today I took a 50's Round Table that had the Metal Legs and gave them a new leg Re-use.
From a Round to a Square table made from a hand made cedar door that was rescued from going to the wood shredder at the dump.
This 50's Round Formica table was on it's way to the dump.
I like the 50's style of the metal legs and the attachment of the hardware they used for these tables.
Easy to install and easy to re-use on something else. Like a 50's hand made cedar storage door that was going to the shredder at the dump.
So now just install the hardware on the back of the cedar door and Wa-La ...

Now just install the legs and leg braces and it will be able to set up and be a useful door and a table at the same time. I installed some trim around the edges and painted it red for some visual contrast. It could get painted again pending on the finished look I want to see.