Saturday, September 12, 2015

Three Monkeys Door

Today I thought I would share an Up-cycled Screen door that Up-cycled for a long time customer.
I call it Three Monkeys Door as it is suppose to be for the three grandchildren who come to visit Grandma G who is living with my customer in her down stairs  full basement. Grandma is making a transition and my good friend and customer is helping out her long time friend during this time.
Here's what the screen door looked like before.

My Customer said to make it fun for the three young ones so I did the best I could to make it fun .
The inside of the door has a Red Hand on it so the Three Monkey's wont push on the screen and hopefully they will be moved to put their hand there to push. I thought about painting the word Push on the hand in white but I'm sure these 3 will figure it out.
The Front of the door has three Knobs for fun to open the door with.They can choose the color which best fits their mood.

Looking at the bottom you can see Three Simple Monkey Faces, Grandma G is the closest to them and D my customer is the one on the left screen door.
The inside of the door is as you see it with an EXIT on the bottom for something fun. The colors are Grape , Yellow, Black , Turquoise and kind of a lime color.
Now the Real Fun Part I get to take it three install it and see the reaction on the Three Monkey's faces. They are very Cute and Just Like kids sometimes they act like little Monkey's....