Sunday, November 1, 2015

Just Painting Furniture

One of my Boards I have on my Pinterest Site is called " Just Painting Furniture " . It's a collection of thousands of different pieces of furniture that has been painted or upcycled with many before and after pictures.
Recently I have a job of painting a dinning room table and chairs with 2 Book cases. Here is a picture of the before it was painted.
The table and chairs was a set that had been painted by my customers mother believed to be done in the 70's. She use a green, gold and black colors it give it a antique look and actually for that time did a great job of it.
Now for me to paint it this was a bit of a challenge to cover. I used a paint called Breakthrough by Pittsberg paints. This paint is a very hard paint when dry designed to stop any scuffing or scratching. It is a water born paint I have used before.
The paint lays down well it just takes many coats to bring out the color. It took 4 coats to get the look I wanted.

This is how the first coat appears when applied. It's a dry brush coat put on thin as an adhesion coat.

After the adhesion coat the first coat is applied as seen in this picture.

After the first coat is applied you can see what the color is going to be by the chair back in this picture.

This is the picture after 2 more coats of paint,for a total of 4 coats making a wonder sheen and  smooth finish.

Next was the chairs, boy am I glad I am done with these.
 There are a lot of little edges to do when painting chairs.
I removed all the seat and back rest pads first.
 The color before I guess I would call a dirty Green..
 I used a sanding de-glosser to remove the waxes that was used over the years and helps to give the new paint better adhesion.

Then the first dry brush coat was applied.

Then The second coat was applied
A Third coat was applied
The final touch up coat was given and the seat and back rest were installed back to their original places. Giving the set a whole New Look and hopefully a Happy Customer.
There is a possibility there will be gold highlights given to the chairs and table after the customer see the initial painting work.