Sunday, April 24, 2016

Chair parts a Drawer some Tape ,Paint and some Fun on Sunday

Well it a Wet Washington Sunday with Chair parts a Drawer some Tape ,Paint and some Fun for me before Monday's work .
Only in the 50ds today so it was a little cold out side with the rain when painting .
I use an old hair dryer to help dry the paint and keep these old arthritis hands warm.
We has 3 record days of sun last week, it was to hot actually but good for the mind.
But now here we are again back to the some clouds rain and an occasional peek at the sun.
No explaining what I did just letting the pictures tell the story of my time off from work today.

Thanks for checking things out.


  1. beautiful. Those two colors together are an elegant combination!

    1. Thanks Virgina, The colors are only black and wood natural wood colors. haven't finished it yet. But I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment.