Sunday, April 17, 2016

Re-painting the Re-purposed Head Board Bench I made about a year ago.


About a year ago, I built this Head board bench and painted it a flesh color. I didn't really like it at the time, but at least it was painted. It has been sitting around here now to long looking like it had no character to it. Here's a few before pictures

 The first picture at the top was when I completed it and my dog with his plastic Hot Dog was showing it off for me.

 Here's the Yuck color I painted it just to be done and move on to something else. I had lost my inspiration for this piece.

One of my favorite things is to repurpose things when I have the time to and the inspiration to.
This week I had to finish my Taxes and that's always a downer.
So to treat my self for finishing my Taxes and only owing 34 dollars . I decided to give my self some free time before I had to return  back to work on Wednesday to finish a private Deck Hot Tube space for a customer.

So here is where I am at this point with the Re-painting the Re-purposed Head Board Bench.

I chose Red Black and Gold for my colors at this point.
I took a piece of metal about 4x4 and cut a notch in it and used it to block out for painting.

I think it gave it an interesting appearance like it has tips at the base it is resting on. Fun.

So here is the bench after painting it a satin Red. I like reds for bench colors, but not all reds.
Still Plain Looking I had to do something to bring it out of it's appearance. OK

I added a Design to the top and the  bottom using a pattern I had taken from a piece of furniture. I blocked it out and painted it coral black satin.

I added a little gold leaf paint on the spindles to tie thing in with out adding to much gold everywhere. The head Board was missing the top knobs , so a couple of Door knobs that I had laying around work out well for top knobs.

That's where things are to this point with my free time..
I hope to finish it this week if it's not already finished ..
I just hadn't made the decision yet weather it had character yet?

Thanks for checking it out..