Sunday, May 22, 2016

How to Up-cycle a Standard 6 Ft Cedar Fence for Shade , Looks & More Privacy

Thousands of homes in the US have a 6 ft Cedar Fence that separates one home from the other. Also some are constructed better than others.
In this case it was a half million dollar home with the contractor scrimping where ever they could to make the almighty buck.
I've seen this many times over in the 35 years of my custom building homes.
Sad for my customer as they had no clue this kind of Contractor was out there and left them with a nice looking home,but with many things that weren't right and had to be repaired or replaced. or
For me they asked if I could do something with the standard fence they had.
Was it possible to make it a functional fence that would give some shade and a better appearance.
So I came up with a design of a Abor Knee Trellis I guess you call it. I layed it out first on paper to scale. Making a pattern to cut out and use.
So here's what I came up with to up-cycle this standard 6 ft cedar fence.
First I laid out the design for a Kneed Trellis on one of my work tables to the scale I wanted so I could see the appearance of the design.
Then I traced out the Knee Pattern to trace paper and taped it on the 5/4 X 12 TK cedar board I had selected for the knee. I used TK or Tight Knot cedar to help with the costs. Clear cedar is hard to come by in this size of material and waste is high on this part of the Trellis as you can see how much is wasted for just one knee. I will use these left over piece for something else in the future as I don't like to waste good material.
Then I cut out the Knees for the 3 Trellis attachments I was going to make.
After cutting them out I stained them with a product called TWP cedar tone natural TWP stands for Total wood Protection. This is a great product and gives the cedar wood a great natural color.
The attachment board which is brown in color here is Sunwood which is a treated material that matches the fence posts and also give the Trellis some contrast.
The Trellis pieces then were attached with 6- 3" star drive wood screws to the posts. In this case the fence was going up hill so I had to run a string line so all three found the same plane so the the Lattice grid would rest on all three properly.
Next I made the Lattice Grid for the top of the trellis. I made it from 1 X 2 clear cedar and stained it to match the Trellis Knees. Spanning the trellises would be about 8 ft apart so The bottom of the Lattice was 1 x 2 on edge giving it strength of the span.
So this is the final picture of the up-cycled 6 ft fence.
My customer has some sweet peas growing up to the trellis as you can see in this picture and I added to the return of this fence a trellis top and lattice grid with a arched board over the top to match the gate shape.
I hope this has Inspired you to up cycle you standard 6 ft cedar fence and thank you for checking what I did to make this fence more appealing . If you get the chance to check out my Blog site please do. I don't sell any thing just hope to inspire others. Thanks For checking it out.