Friday, November 17, 2017

How to Build a T & G Pine Barn Door Look for a Sliding door.

The first thig your going to need to do is to draw a door so you can put measurements on it about the size of the door for the opening you are going to cover with the sliding Barn Door.
Next you measure your opening that needs to be covered and write down the measurements of the width and highth allowing for clearance of the floor, which is usually about one inch.
In this case it was 38" wide to cover the door casing, by 84" in highth.

Now that you have done this you can figure how much pine T & G you will need to make and buy the vertical boards. In this case it was 8 pieces of 1 X 6  pine. Also you will need the border trim middle peice and the X trim on the bottom.

Next you will need to construct the frame of the Barn  Door.
 After your frame is completed and Square which is Very important, it will be time to install the Pine T&G to the frame with Glue and Nails. The frame middle bar and the Bottom X are held together by the glue and nails. The Pine T & G is installed so the the back is facing you so you can put many more nails through the back into the middle piece and cross pieces. No nails will be see on the front door.
Once all the boards are installed and you wait for the time needed for the glue to dry. Then you need to sand it and plane the edges of the doors if needed from any overlaping edges.

And finally you can stain and seal it.
Your done and ready to install hard ware for the sliding bar track.
I hope this has helped you to understand How to build your own Barn Door that will look great in your home and bring a new look to your living space.

I finished the installing the sliding Door hardware on the door and on the wall I hung it and had some happy customers. The most important thing to me. I hope you like it as well.