Sunday, March 18, 2018

Louvered Door Hall Tree Repurpose

Repurposing a pair of Louvered Bi-fold doors is always a fun project and can be very decorative and functional as well.

   I have made a few of these and always enjoy the creation part of the build, I never know how it going to turn out.
Here's the beginning.
Has you can see just a Pair of Bi-folds doors that were given to me.
To hold them together I just screwed a 1 x 4 on the back top and bottom with Glue. Glue is good.
This Hall-tree will have and cut in half Maple Table that was also given to me that I will attach.
So with the Maple table that I cut in half earlier last year, that was in my storage building most of the winter, I cut it down to size again for the Hall-tree and put an end piece on it so I would have a good way to attach it to the doors.

Now that I did that, it was time to attach it to the doors. I first  used a pin nailer and positioned where I wanted it to be secured to the door and nailed it , then installed screws from the back of the door into the end I put on the table top.
Now that the top was installed to the bi-fold doors it would need a good way of stabilizing the front legs so they couldn't be move it they were hit. This meant installing a small base for the door to sit on and the legs to be attached to. So.....
Along the bottom of the door 1x4 was installed from the door to the bottom of the legs. Making sure the top was 90 degrees to the door. I then installed a 3" screw through the 1x4 and into the bottom of the leg. Making the legs secured and Solid.
You can see I added a little bit of Bling on the front under the top, a friend of mine calls this stuff " fu fu ".... I call it extra pieces I cut out from something else that I will use in the future for decoration.
So now for me the fun is happening creating things with stuff that was left over from making a trellis top. These pieces were cut outs from the trellis top pieces I had cut. Perfect bracket for a shelve here.
I had this piece of a bathroom mirror from a medicine chest the kind with 3 mirrors, a middle and 2 sides. I just used the middle piece because it fit the door width and put some scrap pieces around it to hold it in from sliding out.
I had some crown molding from an old cabinet, I put on the top of the doors to finish it out and found some old brass hooks from a kitchen pot and pan holder and installed them on both sides of the hall tree for coats or hats.

Next I started the filling of holes and caulking of the cracks. Caulking is one thing in my books can make a project take on a totally new look of being finished. Because I use all used materials there is always splits, cracks, holes that need to be filled before painting. It's kind of bothersome but in the end product just looks better to me.
Now the painting part. The maple top had a finish that was smooth and shinny so I just use a de-glosser  on it and gave it a dry brush coat to start with.
Both sides of this were primed painted and ready for the final painting of which I'm not sure at this point what color or technique I might do in finishing it.